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Name checked in Chloe Sevigny - March  Mixtape Library!




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Introducing: Karen Harding - Say Something

Say hello to Newcastle based Karen Harding and don't just stand there - Say Something more! Ain't nothing like finding a debut single that just stops you dead in your tracks. Well in this case, makes you dance in those tracks! We're lovin' the retro house feel paired with a contemporary groove, a mega groove here. It's rich, bold and lush - Karen's voice is just spot on and takes it to church, making it impossible to not say something. It's wonderful! She's in amazing company too. Her debut is co-written and produced by MNEK and will be released on Disclosure's home label Method Records. Niiiice. Amazing start and we so wanna hear more kinda right now! Enjoy below!


Premiere: Jessie Ware - Say You Love Me (Alex Adair Remix)

If we didn't know better we'd swear Jessie Ware was up to evil stuff. She's absolutely killin' us you see with the perfection of her Tough Love era! So damn good! Her heartfelt new single Say You Love Me turns into a warm house jam in the hands of West Sussex based UK producer Alex Adair, making it impossible to sit still. We have our hopes up this is a web or radio edit considering it clocks in at just under three minutes. Imagine this as an amped up 12" at 10+ min! Love the piano groove and how effortlessly glowing it is! Enjooy below!   


Premiere: Stevie Nicks - Lady

New Stevie Nicks! She releases the album 24 Karat Gold - Songs From The Vault on October 7th - containing a glimpse into her songwriting between 1969 to 1987. Lead single The Dealer has been floating around in various demo versions but second single Lady is a never before heard track - ever. Written around 1971 it was recorded onto a cassette and then kept in a treasured box at Stevie's mother Barbara's house for 40 years. WOW. It's a beautiful song reflecting on life in kind of a blues style. LOVE the lone piano and the raw vocals. The talent in abundance is here on full display and we love the idea how this song has been waiting around for close to half a century to be unleashed. Amazing!   


Video Premiere: Grimes Feat. Blood Diamonds - Go

Grimes and Blood Diamonds live it up in the video to Go. Hair and shoe game be on pointttt for both. Those adidas sandals and when she dances in 'em and in tights. Haha, it's too much! The visuals are both club and olden world with swords and we're curious to see where this will take with her core audience. After all, this song marks the start of her major deal with Roc Nation, and the track was originally written by Grimes with Rihanna in mind. Alsooo, for some reason we came to think of this club classic seeing the look they went for. Yes? You like?


Premiere: Say Lou Lou - Instant Crush (Daft Punk Cover)

Miranda and Elektra Kilbey a.k.a. Say Lou Lou celebrate signing to Columbia Records by doing a cover of label mates Daft Punk & Julian Casablancas and givin' it way (kinda) for free. Their take on Instant Crush tones down the robotics and breathes a new kind of life into the lyrics. More personal. It's airy like a cool night by a fading fire that gleams and slowly pulsates. If ya wanna snap it up you can enter some personal info here and download it. Thoughts?