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Free Download: Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence (Naekid Remix)

Uh, oh, new Lana Del Rey songs feels like a constant necessity. Luckily there has been plenty of original material, remixes and bootlegs the last four years to last a lifetime. But we want mooore and it's been a bit quiet lately. Nathan Zorndorf a.k.a. NAEKID sorts this out with his badass deep house remix of Ultraviolence! Love how Lana's vocals kinda floats around like a restless ghost, forever haunted by her insane man and his crazy ways. It's a stark contrast to the catchy and tight production that is so well made and would fit any official remix EP. It's dark, fun, cohesive and disjointed all at once. Just like how we like our Del Rey! Plus, that 90's sounding drum machine - ♡. Enjoy below and grab the download here.   


Premiere: Róisín Murphy - Exploitation (Single Edit)

Róisín Murphy treats us to more Hairless Toys album (out May 11th) goodness! Here's lead single Exploitation - a slinky number that starts off minimal and grows into a garden of sounds and emotions. First taster Gone Fishing gave us a nibble of what's to come and we love how both tracks sound like a stellar continuation of Ró's '05 solo debut album Ruby Blue. It's a hot mix of tight beats, stellar vocals and an experimental feel mixed in with club elements. Yes to all this! Enjoy below! Thoughts?  


Video Premiere: FKA twigs - Glass & Patron

New FKA twigs we all know by now means a massive treat both sonically and visually! Her new track Glass & Patron is lifted from her upcoming EP3 and the self-directed video is her submission for the '15 Youtube Music Awards (#YTMA). And yas, hashtag #hashtag - this track had a sneak premiere as part of her amazing #throughglass for Google Glass in October last year. Sonically G&P reminds us of Aphex Twin and we love the voguing references lyrically. The visuals is a smorgasbord of a spooky forest, givin' a hardcore birth to veils and talk about voguing - hell yes this is a vogue-off if there ever was any. She truly comes across as an otherworldly being and we love it. Now, hold that pose for her!  


Free Download: Lisa Stansfield - All Around The World (Paul Morrell Remix)

Lisa Stansfield set the world on fire with her golden voice in the late 80's and early 90's - especially with debut solo album Affection (1989). Her blend of club and soul was and still is really awesome and her voice shines like no other. Last year she released Seven, her first album in 10 years and yes, yes that maaay have something to do with what we're about to say. But yeah, Lisa feels criminally underrated. She's a badass! Hearing her biggest hit - UK #1 and US #3 single All Around The World updated by UK dance producer Paul Morrell makes it evident that the Stansfield vocals easily would turn it out on any worldwide club hit should she want to in the future. Imagine a world dancing like crazy to a new Lisa Stansfield smash hit - yes please!  


Premiere: Tracey Thorn - Follow Me Down (The Falling OST)

We're not one bit surprised that when Tracey Thorn creates a soundtrack the film gets rave five star reviews. This as who would even dare to pitch a bad movie idea to TT in the first place?! Unfathomable, haha. So here we are. Follow Me Down sets the tone to Carol Morley's debut feature film about an all girls school in the 1960's. The whole OST is a 17 minute EP filled with moods, sketches and atmospheres over eight different tracks. Love the experimental feel, airy piano and somber mood of this lead track. And how this whole project was done in Tracey's home - with her playing everything allowing herself one take only on each of the instruments. She's too cool for school for sure - even a fictious 1960's one! LOVE her!