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Name checked in Chloe Sevigny - March  Mixtape Library!




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Premiere: The Chemical Brothers x Miguel x Lorde - This Is Not A Game 

This Is Not a Game! As we know Lorde has been busy curating the soundtrack for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1. So far with Yellow Flicker Beat her skills have been really impressive. Now she's enlisted The Chemical Brothers (for their first single since 2011) and Miguel for some serious battling. We love the hard industrial feel of the C.B beat paired with the raw yet soulful main vocals paired with the hypnotic mumbling. Damn cool!   


Premiere: Gwen Stefani - Baby Don't Lie

Gwen Stefani is back with Baby Don't Lie, her first solo single since 2008's Early Winter! We had no idea what to expect sound wise and for these initial listens we're getting some major Shakira vibes! Wouldn't this sound amazing on a Shaki release with that booming voice?! Co-written and produced by Benny Blanco and Ryan Tedder this baby aims at the US Top 10 for sure. It's an earworm we can tell although we really miss the kookiness of What You Waiting For? and Hollaback Girl a lot! With that said - welcome back solo Gwen!  


Premiere: Paloma Faith - Ready For The Good Life

Paloma Faith must've really snuck around with the premiere online of Ready For The Good Life! Sneaky, sneaky! Here it issss in all its glory! It'll be released as the lead single to her Outsiders Edition of the A Perfect Contradiction album, out November 10th. Sounding fresh and also like a slick throwback this really adds to her existing, very cool, discography. Working with frequent Robyn collaborator Klas Åhlund for the first time sounds like they both really had a good life going on. We're too ready now for 'em to continue together like this and bring it. We're ready!   


Stream: Jessica Lange - Life On Mars? (David Bowie Cover)

Jessica Lange made a lot of people extremely happy last week, including us. She as Elsa Mars sang David Bowie's iconic 1971 single Life On Mars? during the season premiere of American Horror Story: Freak Show and it was so good! Styled in the vein of Marlene Dietrich's classic cabaret delivery and using the original music it was a glorious mishmash that totally worked and really added to the storyline. Elsa being disappointed by life and her own lack of fame go so well together with Bowie saying in 1997: I think she [the girl in the song] finds herself disappointed with reality... that although she's living in the doldrums of reality, she's being told that there's a far greater life somewhere, and she's bitterly disappointed that she doesn't have access to it. It's a great rendition and the TV version even mimics the classic video. Since this week it has a stand alone release on iTunes as a single, very cool! It's on repeat here tonight!  


Premiere: Shura - Indecision

Shura's stellar new track Indecision is totally direct, mad catchy and unique all wrapped up into one. That amazing intro kicking off things with the dreamy synth stepping gently in and then those soft and soothing vocals soaring above. Too good! No indecision here at our place. We were raving about her amazing remix of Jessie Ware's Say You Love Me in August and the theme here is similar in both lyrical content of confusing love and how awesome the beats are. The styles are distinctly different and we love it. Where the remix is dark with twists and turns this is bright, airy and opens right up. Born in Moscow and raised in the UK Shura travelled to South America after Uni to work in the Amazon. It sounds like amazing times to find inspiration, meet different people and get close to both city life and the wonders of nature. How amazing will her album sound?! Stream below and click here and here for more audio and some cool visuals. Enjoy!