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Video Premiere: Lana Del Rey - Music To Watch Boys To

Lana Del Rey's Honeymoon album era is so solid and awesome, it both sounds and looks so darn perfect. Music wise for us Music To Watch Boys To is one of our favourites of her new material with its romantic shimmer with sharp edges. The video is kinda hilarious as it looks like a every single Lana video evah mixed into one. Gotta love her smile, though. Smile, baby! Watch yer boys and skip those mean daddies plz, we say. Thoughts? 


Premiere: Annie - Cara Mia 

Honestly, we can all go home now. There's been so much amazing music and wig snatching lately that we're bald from all the scalping going on up in here! And it's not like it's letting up - here's ANNIE with a new single, Cara Mia, and announcement that her new EP Endless Vacation drops on October 16! WTF! So good! We were at the same music festival in Berlin last summer (Yo Sissy!) and her DJ set was stellar. One thing that struck us then was that she's so understated and has a brilliant DJ set. Same with her new single - it's so groovy and effortlessly cool and memorable. Sweet like sugar, too! You go Annie! 


Free Download: Lana Del Rey - High By The Beach (MnsrHrdy Remix)

We wouldn't mind staying in that ocean villa with Lana Del Rey and getting High By The Beach for sure. The perfect Honeymoon, after she blows that chopper clear outta the sky that is. Her instantly iconic lead single to the new amazing album is so perfect and its mellow but steely outlook on life is just mind blowingly good. Now, here's a hot house bootleg that'll make you d.a.n.c.e by the beach as well. Chilean producer MnsrHrdy lends a sweet beat + production, stunning to slow dance in the pale moonlight to. Its retro sounds (cowbell!) and chopped up vocals (yas, 12" realness) only adds to the hotness and is sprinkled on top just perfectly. Niiice! Enjoy! 


Introducing: Royaume - Blue Asphalt

Parisian duo Royaume really glow with a muted light on debut single Blue Asphalt. They sound so amazingly effortless and gentle and we can't get enough. It's like standing alone on a wet and empty city street in darkness. Then a shimmer of blue appears and hidden deep down under the hard surface is a whole forest of sounds and emotions waiting to be discovered. This makes us so happy and sad - yes blue. So understated and well crafted, this is - top marks!  


Premiere: Janet Jackson Feat. Missy Elliott - BURNITUP! 

Holy crap! Janet Jackson's BURNITUP! featuring MISSY ELLIOTT just premiered on BBC Radio 1! *death drops* We can just hand over our wigs and stuff 'em in a big pile, haha. Over a disjointed dirty beat we're getting tight iconic JJ vocals and a fire spittin' rap from legendary M.E herself. It's fun, badass and flirty like a MF drunk on tequila. God damn it. We neeeeeed the whole album now. Kitty cat, oh oh child!