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Name checked in Chloe Sevigny - March  Mixtape Library!



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Free Download: Jessie Ware - Tough Love (Dave Kudera Edit)

Jessie Ware's too-good-to-be-true single Tough Love is easily one of the top three best songs of the year in our book. That minimalistic 80's Prince feel and raw emotions in a flawless falsetto does things to us for sure. The album with the same name drops in exactly 11 days and we cannot wait! August 3rd - come to us! Luckily Seattle based DJ Dave Kudera has done a perfect edit that adds an awesome club feel to it - that drum machine is so hot! The added bassline is stellar too and we've added this bootleg to our on repeat list; how could you not? Grab the .mp3 below and enjoooy!    


Premiere: BANKS - Beggin For Thread 

If summer is too hot for ya, cool yourself off in the brooding world of BANKS. Brand new track Beggin For Thread, from the upcoming debut album Goddess, is a slice of sheer darkness - complete with itches to scratch, misspoken words and a disposition that confuses people. And then the idea of beggin' for thread to sow the hole that her lover ripped in her head. Wow, she makes Lana Del Rey look like a ray of pure happiness! We love it! The moody contemplative stance is hypnotizing us and we just want to have more. Come September 5th when the album drops we'll have a whole assortment of these bitter chocolate treats. Listen below. Thoughts?   


Premiere: The Ting Tings - Wrong Club (BOIX Remix)

The Tings Ting's are on a disco high with their new 70's roller discothèque anthem Wrong Club! We love the original version's guitar lick and sweeping strings blended with Katie White's on point vocals. Ibiza based DJ BOIX remixes and out comes a different decade - the 80's! Synths are added into the mix and some chopped and skewered vocals to go. We don't mind one bit - we'll just continue dancing and perhaps add the robot along with the disco shuffle. Enjoy! PS. If you 'pay with a tweet' or yer FB wall you get the .mp3 for well, kinda, free. Do so here if you wanna wanna!                                            



Introducing: Laura Jae - Let Go

London based singer/songwriter Laura Jae and her Let Go makes us feel all kinds of emotions. Happiness and sorrow all at once. Letting go is essential in order to find new paths, but we know people can get stuck in the hurt as it kinda can comfort too. The atmosphere in this stellar track is superb. Airy and cool like a starry night - flashes of light from afar gleam and promises all is not bad and that there are people to meet nearby. The lonesome piano shines with a muted light and Laura's voice tinged with sorrow glows along with it. The bass pulsates like a heartbeat and somewhere there is hope to find. If you're into acts like The xx, Lykke Li and Frou Frou - this is for you. Find the free .mp3 here. The Silver Lined Hearts EP came out this week, and is a free download. Grab it here and check out the video too. Enjoy! Thoughts?


Free Download: BANKS - Drowning (Tom Demac Remix)

Drowning for someone sounds absolutely terrible and a really bad idea. That all-consuming love for a person who does not see it or appriciate can engulf and swallow someone whole. That said, we adore BANKS and her stunning and simplistic video to Drowning. London based house producer Tom Demac takes the original version of the track and adds a ghostly club vibe. It sounds like a cocktail party in a haunted house and you can't see the DJ just hear hypnotizing beats and move forward in a dimly lit corridor. Suddenly you'd see the pool area in the garden where Jillian Banks would be standing alone singing about her lost lover.... Listen + download below. Thoughts?