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Free Download: Janet Jackson - No Sleeep (DJ Beset Edit)

Janet Jackson sent music forums into a frenzy last week by dropping the slow and rockin' comeback single No Sleeep and accepting the icon award at the BET Awards. We've had her new single on repeat x 10 + want the album so badly. How awesome then that DJ Beset gets turnt up on his bootleg and amps it up for some sexy dance floor times. Love how the soft and gentle vocals sail on the deeeper (typo that stays) groove. The combination is irresistible! Have fun dancin' tonight and here's to getting no sleeep! ;) 


Premiere: Jess Glynne - Don't Be So Hard On Yourself

Honestly, sometimes you just need to hear someone say everything is gonna be OK, take you out for drinks and dance the night away to some house music. Tonight we have a feelin' Jess Glynne is that voice for many a people. Her stellar voice is perfect for feel good tunes and her warm tone is so uplifting. Don't Be So Hard On Yourself rings oh so true - don't be so damn hard on yourself, forgive and let go. Love it! Not forgetting to mention the strings and piano - yes, yes! Jess' debut album I Cry When I Laugh is out September 21st (and for some reason November 11th in the US)! ENJOY! 


Premiere: Demi Lovato - Cool For The Summer 

Demi Lovato amps up her discography just in time for July and hot, hot summer parties. Cool For The Summer teases what her 5th album has to offer and yas, it's anything but cool - it's on fire! We really like how it tugs in many directions, from pure modern pop to 80's references and a stellar vocal production that ranges from whispers, drops and a killer chorus. The verses are smooth and synth-ey and being the fling of Demi sounds like a lot of fun! Lucky girl! The chorus then smashes through and demolishes with those guitars and soaring voice. Enjoy; thoughts?


Premiere: Little Boots - Get Things Done 

Little Boots brings the funk with new single Get This Done and delivers some major 80's biz realness in the artwork! She's the Working Girl of our generation owning her own label and traveling the world lecturing her subjects of being sicknin' and badass, both she has a PhD in. We really like the clipped vocal styling on GTD and how cool the bridge contrasts against the fiery chorus. Sweetness! Listen belooow and prepare for July 10th when the album drops!  


Premiere: Robyn & La Bagatelle Magique Feat. Maluca - Love Is Free (Todd Terry Remix)

Robyn and her new band La Bagatelle Magique, the other members being Markus Jägerstedt and the late n' great Christian Falk, had us moving and shaking with Love Is Free featuring Maluca a few weeks ago! NOW we're really shaking - they've involved legendary NYC house producer Todd Terry on the first official remixxx! What the actual F, so many talented and stellar people one one track. How is this real life? Comin' to life sounding like a classic 90's house 12" vinyl this just screams summer and outdoor parties during nights you never want to end! It's fun, flirty and crazy hot. Merging all these talents for one track is boom boom boom boom boom boom boom chicka boom, that's for sure. Enjoy!