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Premiere: Janet Jackson - Unbreakable

Janet Jackson kicked off her tour a few days ago and drops her Unbreakable album on October 2nd. She's on fiiire and we love it! Here's the title track and wow, lovin' the old school & laid-back vibe. It's unmistakably Miss Janet with that patented sunny feel and positivity. Love it! Much love to ya JJ!  


Premiere: Florence + The Machine - Queen Of Peace (Hot Chip Remix)

Florence + The Machine's epic and rushing Queen Of Peace is easily one of our favourite releases of the year. It's perfect the way it is, but who can resist a bit of Hot Chip on the side? In true H C style we're getting a quirky and bouncy production filled with different sounds and vibez. Listen below! Thoughts?


Premiere: Hayden James - Something About You (Odesza Remix)

Hayden James' Something About You had us dancing late last year and is continuing to be thanks to the Odesza duo. They infuse this club ready track with a chilled vibe, a gorgeous and wistful piano and then get it turnt UP! PLUS, there's a lil' The xx vibes happening in the guitar hook. It's hot with a tight production and the new elements work so well. ENJOY!


Video Premiere: Tinashe - Bet

Yeeeeah! Our favourite Tinashe song, Bet, finally has some visuals to it! And it's closing out her Aquarius album era - we were worried it'd be passed over despite being absolute fire. It's also the only track on her debut to have been worked on with Dev Hynes and produced by Blood Diamonds. They are a trio made of diamonds so let's hope for MORE of 'em together for next era! The video is a lo-fi affair with some majah dancing that reminds of Janet's The Pleasure Principle video. PLUS we're getting Feels Like Vegas as a bonus. Nice! Tinashe is so on point and free spirited that we only can wish her more, more, more of everything for whatever she decides to do next. Love her!  


Premiere: Little Boots - No Pressure (Dreamtrak Remix)

CEO Botitas and London producer Dreamtrak are comin' for us 'ard with this sicknin' remix of No Pressure! Ya'll better have your wig glued on tight and stick a bobby pin in thurr while you're at it! Lovin' the sharp edges of this remix, the drum machine is everything and mixes so nicely with LB's clipped vocal style in the verses and then that heavenly bridge and pumping chorus. The Working Girl album era has given us some really cool remixes so no wonder a whole remix project is underway. The Remixes Part 1 drops September 4th. ENJOY!