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Name checked in Chloe Sevigny - March  Mixtape Library!



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Premiere: FKA twigs - Pendulum

FKA twigs just released a brand new track from her upcoming debut album LP1! Pendulum is exactly that - hanging freely, swinging back and forth. twigs' voice sounds like an instrument and we love the minimalistic take on the production. Intricate yet sparse. From the bare bones of the first minutes to the more pop hook feel of the closing ones. It's disturbing us somehow with all the different elements - yet we love it too. Really love it. The pendulum moves us for sure. Cannot wait for the album to drop on August 12th!  


Premiere: Lykke Li - Gunshot Remixes 

The pain in Lykke Li's Gunshot is exquisite somehow. The harmonies elevates the absolute darkness into a starry night sky filled with fireflies. The light in times of despair and the rawness of it all is what we're aiming for here. These new remixes gets to the point. Paul Thomas Saunders adds a really smooth bassline and tops with a piercing synth and a drum evoking the sound of gunshots. It's anguish in a very stylish form. Duos San Zhi and The Shoes collaborates and wow this is so damn cool. The club beat and slick way it all comes together kinda lift the whole pain into the stratosphere and makes us really feel Lykke's turmoil and desolate state when the buildup explodes. Too good! Thoughts?       


Premiere: Röyksopp & Robyn - Do It Again (Dave Audé Remix)

Oh yeah, we know Röyksopp & Robyn's motto this summer - let's do it again! Dave Audé remixes and aims for getting huge dance floors around the world boil - and possibly for a Billboard Club Chart #1. We can already imagine people on Ibiza and in West Hollywood eat this one right up along with super strong drinks and some Red Bull, haha. No waiting around for the build-up, it's straight to the point with this one - get ya movin'!  


Free Download: Kiesza - Hideaway (Mitch Murder Remix)

Kiesza's Hideaway video is currently soaring towards 70 million views on Youtube - real awesome for a debut on a small label! Her 90's sounds and moves seem to have people transfixed and have really hit a throwback nerve. What if we dug even deeper? Stockholm DJ Johan Bengtsson a.k.a. Mitch Murder takes us down a layer and right into the late 80's with his remix! Complete with big synthetic drums, cow bell, glowing synths, chopped vocals like a 12" dub and to round it all off - a bleeping synthesizer mini solo! Ya better believe! Listen + download belooow! Thoughts? 


Premiere: Lana Del Rey - Ultraviolence Remixes 

Lana Del Rey really wants us to get movin' to her Ultraviolence emotions. Commissioned are three new club mixes that really puts a twist on that whole getting hit and have it feel like a kiss. It's a bizarre feeling yes to wanna dance to those lyrics and breathy vocals about hurt being like true love. Our fave of the bunch is the one by Bonar Bradberry and Tom Thorpe a.k.a PBR Streetgang with its electro feel and moody atmosphere. The looped sighs and aaah's are strangely hypnotic! Sonic Matta delivers a house anthem that we can imagine being played at a mainstream club near you. Parisian indie pop duo Axel Basquiat and Vincent T a.k.a The Penelopes drops a jaunty number that Lana's hard outlook on life and love clashes with and creates an almost alternate universe filled with cotton candy and blood with the blipping disco sounds and sampled trumpets. Listen below! Thoughts? Update: Prins Thomas of Norway takes on the ultraviolence and infuses it with a terrific old school disco beat in his Diskomiks remix. That jaunty feelin' is so weird and so good at the same time with the lyrical content juxtaposed with frickin' bongo drums, haha. Alsooo, check out this 15 sec teaser of the video! Bride realness!