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Amy Winehouse: They try to make me go to rehab


This week we are lovin' Amy Winehouse and her stunning new single 'Rehab'.
A future classic if you ask me with more than subtle references to Motown of course.
Usually I don't like her at all. Mainly because she always looks so dirty and unwell and that scares me a bit, honestly.
There is something so deeply unsexy with someone who has obvious talent and then just let's it waste away. Or at least shower! (Think Amy and Pete Doherty naked.) Yuck!
An old flatmate of mine used to play pool with Ms Wine-house and he said she was a bit strange come to think of it.
This single is a corker though and it's on repeat in our ipod.


Mooriah Scarey



Burberry Blur VS. The Chelsea Hotel incident


It annoys me quite a bit that the UK press this week tries to make Kate Moss and Pete Doherty into the new Sid and Nancy. I mean, come on! Sid and Nancy both came from troubled backgrounds filled with drugs and abuse and got catapulted into the headlines due to their hard, drug fuelled lifestyle. Sid was in the Sex Pistols without being able to play an instrument and Nancy was a stripper and a prostitute and a groupie. They found each other in London when Nancy went there to try and score a New York Doll. They both were dead before the even had a chance to turn 22.

Kate and Pete paint an entirely different picture.

Kate is anything but a stripper. She's a fuckin' supermodel!
She's like over 30 and had a kid a couple of years ago and since her drug scandal she doubled her fortune and is now worth £60 million. Pete has obvious talent and the way he just let's it waste away is giving me a headache just thinking about it. He's ugly as well. And that's bad.

Regarding the parallels to the music I guess one could say that both Babyshambles and Sex Pistols have emerged as a response to what is perceived to be the increasingly safe and manufactured pop music on the charts back then and still today.
(A couple of months ago NME had it's cover story being that pop music such as Girls Aloud and Sugababes were dead the result being the 'babes doing a fierce cover of Arctic Monkey's 'I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor'.)

But to argue that Kate 'n Pete are the new Sid and Nancy is just ridiculous.
Nancy was a heroin addict.
Kate advertises Burberry bags.
Sid plunged a steak knife into his own hand.
Pete squirted fake blood on a TV camera on MT fuckin V.
Notice the slight difference?

See the sugary girls sing Arctic Monkey's at the NME awards. The hight of irony. No knife but lip gloss.



Just Give Me a Fan!


Workin' Hard for the Money


It's Friday and I have a cold.
It's Friday and I just wanna lay under the duvet and listen to music.
Sadly that's not possible at all. Things are crazy work wise at the moment. My last phone call yesterday was at midnight and the first one for the day at 3am. No, I'm not a prostitute or a hit man even though I know some people might think that, haha. I just work in media. Same thing come to think of it.
To cheer me up I have bought the strongest pain killers that you can find in the UK. I love 'em! Anywhere else in the world they would have been on prescription, but here you can just buy them over the counter! (I'm so sorry My Enemy.) Later on I'll treat myself to some new songs on iTunes. They have finally released 'We are Glitter' by Goldfrapp on iTunes! Yay!
As a Friday treat to you my dear friends here's 'Sweet Dreams' as performed by Eurythmics in 1984.
I love Annie's side burns!