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Stream: Sia - Perfume (Solo Version)

Sia's new album 1000 Forms of Fear is out today to rave reviews and it's indeed such a perfect listen. This solo version of Perfume would fit so well as a bonus track for sure! Sia famously co-wrote it with Britney Spears for the Britney Jean album last year. A version was released online with both vocals present. This one however uses the stems of the original and The Dreaming Mix but showcases only the badass Furler vocal take. It's something in her delivery and raw angsty tone that just hits you over the head in the best way possible. It's black like liquorice and so tasty you just can't help yourself to a second serving. Too good Siiiiaaa!    


Premiere: Britney Spears - Perfume

Britney Spears just premiered her Sia penned song Perfume, the second single from her eighth studio album Britney Jean. B herself has said it's her personal favourite from the album and we can hear why. Since we haven't heard anything else so far than the annoying Work Bitch and this it's easy at least to our ears to hear what she perfers. Perfume sounds raw and personal and her voice is high up in the mix. Also, it has a universal topic that can connect with many without being too diluted. That eerie feeling you can get when things don't add up with a loved one but you can't pinpoint it exactly. In this case infidelity, but it can be many things of course. We like this also sounds like a distant relative of the magical Everytime. Sia really knows how to write poems in pop form. Listen below! Thoughts? Also, the tie-ins are endless as Britney is literally the queen of perfumes with her (so far) 13 different fragrances!

Update: The time has come for some Perfume visuals, ya'll! Britney Spears dropped her 8th studio album Britney Jeans (typo that stays), and was met with mixed reviews. We've listened a few times and am quite shocked at the dated EDM beats blaring out from the speakers. One of the keepers from this era is this Sia co-penned slow burner. We really like that B's vocals sound pretty raw and saved from heavy processing. The video is equal in rawness. What could be slated for being another boring one of two women fighting over a man in their underwear at least has some undertones to it. We're not give away too much, but at the end neither looks happy. We're getting some Lana Del Rey vibes and like she says. Sometimes love is not enough, and the road gets tough I don't know why. Lastly, B gets top marks for not overusing the fact that she runs a billion dollar perfume empire.


Premiere: Britney Spears - Work Bitch

It's Britney, bitch! Her new single Work Bitch just hit the internetz and she wants you to get to work, bitch. Hailed as the start to a Blackout 2.0 era it's a dark EDM track with icy spoken verses and a sung bridge. Safe to say the lack of warmth is palpable. That said we can already see clubs go mental when this comes on, it's the perfect club banger to drunkenly speak sing to, haha. It'll be interesting if Britney actually sings this live when it TV premieres next week. Not impossible! Go call the po-lice, go call the guv'nor! Thoughts? Btw, just realized that Work has the same intro + same icy structure as Kylie Minogue's Skirt! What's going on in pop diva world? They're all replaced by humourless robots?


Madonna - Turn Up The Radio - Video Premiere 

The video to Madonna's third MDNA single Turn Up The Radio just premiered! M and her dancers + boyfriend Brahim Zaib are on quite the adventure in Florence in this Tom Munro directed clip. The lonely diva who decides she needs to have some fun with the locals. Looks like a fun shoot during a tour break! On a side note, M's driver Adrien Galo was also Britney's police officer in her I Wanna Go video last year. Enjoy! Oh an oh yeah; La festa e' finita adesso... Allacciati la cintura, stronzetta = The party is over... now fasten the seat belt little bitch.  



Lana Del Rey VS. Britney Spears - Gimme More Video Games - Free Download

Why have one Lana Del Rey post when you can have two in a row? Exactly! Especially since this one is about It's Britney, bitch too and teams their tracks Video Games and Gimme More! Ya'll know you're gonna dance like a stripper to this one in 2.5 seconds and play at your next party n' sing your heart's out, tehehe. We will at least, haha! This is the perfect mash we thinks - both sentiments blend together real nice!