Video Premiere: Fever Ray - To The Moon And Back

Glorious Fever Ray has been teasing the living hell out of us the last few days with snippets that look beyond, even for her, genius as she is. Karin Dreijer has created outstanding work for 20 years now with her bands such as Honey Is Cool and The Knife. But on her solo debut as Fever Ray in 2009 she went above and beyond with suggestive motifs and hard hitting beats, not to mention that patented voice that pierce even the toughest skin. Brand new To The Moon And Back is filled with black humour and we just adore it. What a treat! Its synth flavour paired with a vibrant tropical feel sets the tone and is a gorgeous and stark contrast to the visuals. "I want to ram my fingers up your pussy." That could be the best comeback single ever to feature lyrics like that without sounding anything but dead honest. The video makes for a sublime one with, again, humour and with a kinky setting and the the ending with a chilling streak. WOW, welcome back Fever Ray!

Music, VideoMichael Jonsson