Sunday Documentary: Paris Is Burning

Starting today we will show documentaries as a Sunday treat. We thought it'd be an awesome experience showcasing ones we love + finding new amazing stuff. Let us know if you have any favourites!

First up is one of our all time favourites - Jenny Livingston's iconic Paris Is Burning from 1990. It stands as an important time capsule regarding the LGBTQ movement, racism, the AIDS catastrophe, equality, gender and social structures. Not to mention showing the end of the golden age of ball culture with its art of Voguing and the amazing and intimate portraits of the different families. We wish we could teleport us back in time and visit all of them. Willi Ninja, Angie & Venus Xtravaganza, Octavia St. Laurent... It's simply a must watch! The scenes that gets us every time are the ones with the small kids in Harlem, they are so young and seem so protective of each other. Also, Dorian Corey who after her death was discovered having had a dead body stuffed in her closet makes for a chilling and insane read. If you wanna watch for the first time, or re-watch - the full documentary is below. Let us know your thoughts and memories. Enjoy! Further reading: New York Times 1993 article Paris Has Burned. Last year we had a screening at the MoMA Malmö in Sweden, posted below is the talk that followed.