Premiere: Sade - Flower Of The Universe

Sade returns with Flower of The Universe - the first new music in seven years. Released as part of the soundtrack to much hyped Ava DuVernay film A Wrinkle In Time it's in great company with artists such as SIA, DJ Khaled and Khelani. Hearing new Sade makes us realize just how much we have missed her/them since 2011. We listen to her every week of the year, so even if it's "just" one new track, how awesome to be able to build to her wonderful collection of songs. What a gorgeous track this is! Lush yet understated vocals, a soft and an almost lullaby-esque atmosphere with mellow backing vocals, soft piano and stellar guitar. The remix, produced by No I.D is classic Sade, too. A striking programmed rhythm section paired with that lone, aching guitar sound in the heart of things. Love this!