Stream: 60 Deep Cuts - Happy B'day Madonna!

Music helps to create so many memories that lasts a lifetime. Good or bad, happy or sad... Growing up in the MTV generation the creative forces of Madonna, Prince and George Michael permeated this child's upbringing in the south of Sweden. Madonna, especially, became a beacon of light and showed the way forward with trusting your instincts, believing in yourself and changing hair colour at any given moment. Not to mention the brilliant hits. Today she celebrates her 60th birthday and we are so happy she's living her best life. From her humble beginnings in Bay City, Michigan, losing her mother to cancer at age 5 to mega stardom in Hollywood, and now family life in Portugal she's truly seen life from every aspect. 

Her work against sexism and fighting HIV/AIDS set her apart in the 80's and her rebel heart speaking loudly against ageism is something to thank her for endlessly. 

Above all, to us, she's been about the music first and foremost. Madonna's debut single Everybody was released in 1982. The sleeve did not feature her and it was mainly a club record as it missed to enter the Billboard Hot 100. We absolutely love that beginning! So underground and really opening up for anything to happen. Everybody was recorded in New York during the summer of 1982 on her own budget, Madonna was 24 and had a $5,000 advance from the label and a two 12 inch single deal with Sire Records. We all know what came of it - some 300 million records sold since. It's mind boggling to even think about what she's accomplished since those early Danceteria club nights!  

We've been thinking about a fun way to say Happy Birthday and came to think of the notes in Something To Remember from 1995. 

"So much controversy has swirled around my career this past decade that very little attention ever gets paid to my music."

So to kick off the celebration we penetrated the surface and have put together 60 amazing deep cuts that stretch from her 1983 debut album to 2015's Rebel Heart. We absolutely love the rawness and frankness of these tracks. From her singing about the devastating loss of her mother and equally losing friends to AIDS to the throbbing wetness of oral sex. THANK YOU & Happy Birthday, Madonna. Love you!