Premiere: Robyn - Honey

Come get your HONEY below. Robyn just premiered the title track to her upcoming album (out 26th of October). Actually, she already sneak previewed it in final season of Girls last year. Watch that here. Sounding slightly different now, more electronic, at least in these speakers - nevertheless we’re wild for it. It sounds soooo good! Honey is R in collaboration with long time partners Klas Åhlund and Markus Jägerstedt and co-produced with MOUNT it sounds bloody fantastic. The mix is, well, like honey + butter melting on the stove slowly - luscious and gleaming. We’re getting images of wet streets in the middle of the night, too. A car driving to unknown destination with the deep bass vibrating the whole structure to its core. Robyn is such a brilliant artist and her vocals are perfection. Filled to the brim with such genius she makes it sound so effortless and cool. Listen on repeat below and thank your lucky star to be around for a moment like this.

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