#TBT Donna Summer - I Feel Love Documentary (Narrated by Alison Goldfrapp)

One of the most important artists in the world of music as we know it died today. Donna Summer died of cancer at the age of 63. Much too soon. Such a super sad day for us music lovers. Without a doubt the work she did with Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte was forever game changing and pushed any boundaries out of the way for good. Love To Love You Baby with its 15 min of pure pleasure, the electronic masterpiece I Feel Love and iconic heartache song On The Radio to name but a few. We can honestly say we listen to I Feel Love on a weekly basis and can never ever get enough. Like never - ever. Those vocals - that sickening beat. Argh! A lot can be said about Donna's career, but instead of going on and on - we remembered we had this awesome radio documentary from BBC Radio 2 narrated by Alison Goldfrapp - with frickin' Giorgio himself and sound bites from Ana Matronic, Jimmy Somerville and Debbie Harry. Fascinating stuff! We're listening tonight and remembering the amazing legacy Donna has left behind. Rest in peace, dear Donna.

This post was first published on our old site on May 17th 2012.