Premiere: Little Boots - Echoes (Demo)

10 years ago Little Boots released her debut album Hands after amassing praise and a big following via .mp3-blogs (remember those?). She was beyond hyped and the fact that she worked with RedOne after he’d co-created world hits with Lady GaGa around the same time just added to the buzz. We bought the album on release day and have always been so impressed by Victoria Hesketh’s songwriting and artistry. Upcoming is a Kickstarter campaign to bring the full album to vinyl together with b-sides and rarities - yes please! First taster is the full studio demo of Echoes that was produced by RedOne for the “lost” follow up album. A fan favourite, LB has performed it several times and you can watch one performance here. It’s a bit of a head trip and time hop to hear the full demo as it’s filled with those RedOne sounds from a decade ago that were inescapable. Also, since LB is such a contemporary artist always we’re so curious what’ll happen the next 10 years, we’re here for the ride!

Michael Jonsson