Stream: Janet Jackson - Lately (Silk 86 Bootleg Remix)

When Janet Jackson released What Have You Done for Me Lately as the lead single from Control in 1986 all the pieces finally connected. After two unsuccessful albums under her father Joe's supervision she met Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis and kick-started her career for reals with that sick n' hard drum machine. The original industrial sound would continue on many of her following singles. Not to mention the hardness to her persona too in the videos! Get it JJ! London based duo Finn Casey and Thomas L a.k.a Silk 86 puts a new spin on this utter classic dance off theme. Lately pulsates with a killer bassline and heavenly house piano. So good! The flawless vocals and murdering lyrcis really shines in this treatment and how awesome it clocks in at almost 8 minutes. Oh yeah, yeah - we know what we're gonna dance to for the rest of the week! Ya'll, too, we hope! 

Note: This remix was originally posted on our old platform on February 26, 2014.